Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow

I'm an avid writer, aspiring actress and a lover of all things unusual. I make the most horrible first impressions. I love the theatre, art, literature, metal music, pizza, running, singing, sleeping, shopping and video games. Dave Mustaine is god and pasta is life. All food>you

Im soooooo happy today! I recently auditioned for Hoxton Studios film and television academy (for their acting academy) and today I received and email from them and it turns out I got a place! I was over the moon when I found out because during the audition I was caught of guard. I prepared a Shakespearian monologue and briefed myself on all the basics I’ve ever learnt about acting so I was pleasantly *sarcasm* suprised when the lady who auditioned me told me to forget everything I’ve learnt and tone down the drama of the monologue… But I adapted well and acted accordingly, gaining myself a place at a very reputable academy ;)

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